'Pataphysical Design

A radio show discussing the notion of 'pataphysics in design and some of the absurd systems along which the field evolves.


Sean Fisher, engineer wearing ‘pataphysical goggles

Holly Krueger, design researcher in the ‘pataphysics of fashion sustainability

Huibert H. Spoorenberg, member of the Dutch Institute of ‘Pataphysics

Alejandro Cerón, surprise guest and ‘pataphysics enthusiast

(Un)moderated by: 
Maxime Benvenuto, researcher in the ‘pataphysics of design histories

This is a radio discussion took place during the Dutch Design Week 2022 on Elevator Radio with Sean Fisher, Holly Krueger, Huibert H. Spoorenberg, Alejandro Cerón, and Maxime Benvenuto. It tackles different aspects of 'pataphysics –the science of imaginary solutions– and explores how design culture has some 'pataphysical qualities to its culture, be it in fashion, in engineering, or in its history.