Delo Archive Lab

A collaborative platform that reactivates one of the largest newspaper archive of Slovenia.



Commissioned by the Design Biennale of Ljubljana for the exhibition BIO 26: Common Knowledge
In collaboration with the Slovenian newspaper Delo

Developed with:
Zuzanna Zgierska, Petra Matić, Mateja Mlinarič, José Tomás Pérez Valle

Project Coordinator: Jurka Mihelin

Delo Lab is an open collaborative research platform rebuilding collective memory to create new narratives, rediscover common history and reconnect the community. In the time of an information crisis, dominated by short attention spans and fake news, both communities and archives remain sources of knowledge we can still rely on. In Delo Lab, the newspaper archive is opened to the community and uses audience feedback to improve its collections with previously unpublished stories and information. Audience members have the opportunity to tell their personal histories and exchange their perspectives, which are then placed in the greater narrative of the community.

Special thanks to Ali Žerdin, editor of the Saturday supplement at Delo, for his expertise, enthusiasm and implication in the project, and to the collective Bureau d'Études (Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt) for their support in the process of developing this project.